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Our Aims & Objective

VIII. To run plantation programme for controlling pollution and protection of environment. Sanitation, nutrition and aware people to plant all types of trees and give knowledge of non-conventional energy solar energy water energy and arrange solar energy, live hood promotion among the rural area.

IX. To work for the low income families to guard them against risk through insurance. To run old age homes, orphanage home for helpless handicapped, orphanage children beggar and arrange food, medical facilities and for the rehabilitation of above people.

X. To work run and manage welfare scheme for unorganized sector and self-employed citizen. To help to the meritorious students, girls, scientist, agriculture, who belong to below poor family and aware people in this field.

XI. To society will work for the development of rural, urban, tribal and slum area poor, helpless, deprived, old age people, women, windows, handicapped people of all communities irrespective caste, creed or sex for all round development in the filed of education, health, culture development socio-economic-problem and problem of unemployment among the society.

XII. To eradicate social evils like dowry, child marriage, communal Harmony, Castism, Drug addition, child labour and develop inter caste marriage, widow marriage among the society and to aware people in this fields.

XIII. To provide financial services to economically weaker section who traditionally lack access to overcome poverty through microfinance. To provide vocational training small scale industry, fishery, animal husbandry to unemployed youth, women, men for their economic development and self-employment.

XIV. To train minority people in horticulture, sericulture, mushroom, culture dairy Gloater, fishery, honey bee keeping animal husbandary, seeping etc for their economic development and self-employment to all communities or unemployment youth.

XV. To manage and maintain old age home, women’s hostel, Orphan education, health care and other facilities.

XVI. Aware and pledge people about cleanliness/ sanitation etc. and manage low cost latrine of art and culture.

XVII. To organize culture programme, music, dance programme and training centre in the field of art and culture.

XVIII. To sponsor programme for release and rehabilitation of child labour, women labour, and manage education, health care centre for them.

XIX. To manage and maintain library, reading room for educational development of people and printed news paper, magazine Research journals and other books for public awareness.

XX. To provide training, equipment, fertilizer, seeds and other related to agriculture and farming. To setup and manage agriculture farm and nursery.

XXI. To provide relief measures among the affected area minority people during the natural calamites like food, file, famine, drought and earthquake and provide medicine, food safe drinking water and rehabilitation centre in the particular area.

XXII. To run ponds with safe drinking water and irrigational facilities among the society in rural area, slum area and minority area and help to schedule caste, schedule tribes time to time.

XXIII. To work for right to education. To provide consumer rights, socio-economic-problem and problem of unemployment and give knowledge to the rural people in consumer rights awareness programme, Panchyati Raj, women rights, human rights, right to information, legal rights and formation of self-help group in the society and help people in this field and run awareness programme.

XXIV. To organize seminar meeting conference for the purpose of education, health awareness programme.

XXV. To provide economical development and self-employment & to provide Monitoring Research & evaluation, to work assist run and participate in various schemes and projects of state and/or central govt.

XXVI. The society may from different types of organization to achieve its objective.

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